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A must have for RV owners:

Finally, a broom that will keep you safe, and off the ladder while keeping your RV slide out roof clean.


What is Slide-Out Sweep

This must have broom comes with extendable handle, adjustable bracket that will sweep slide outs up to a 36” deep. Our pole extends from 4’ to 8’ giving you plenty of reach. After the pole is extended to the slide out height, use a sweeping motion to remove water, leaves or any other debris, such as pine needles or small tree limbs.

Why Clean my Slide-Outs?

Not cleaning the slide-out can cause debris to damage the awning fabric or slide out seal. This may produce water leaks and poor performance, because the slide out will not fully close. Daily cleaning of the slide out is needed when rain, snow, or leaves build up. Not cleaning off collected water may result in bug infestation, staining, leaking into the camper and unwanted weight.

Stay On The Ground Where It Is Safe!


No more climbing on roof ladders

No more hauling ladders to clean slide outs

No more walking on wet, slick camper roofs

Recommended Uses

Daily on slide outs to prevent debris buildup such as nuts, pine needles, leaves, small branches, etc. Also use daily to prevent staining

Whenever it rains, use Slide-Out Sweep to get water off slide out awning.

Use prior to securing slide out for travel.

Looking for domestic production.

Overseas production fell through. Excitement is still there, with hundreds of responses!

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